Would you like prayer
to be a regular part of your life,
 but not sure how?

Do you wonder:
               How to pray for yourself or others
   How to pray aloud with confidence
    How to pray positively and affirmatively
    How to be more fulfilled in your prayer life
How to pray more effectively

    Why pray when there is Divine Order and God is in charge?
    What or who to pray to when you no longer believe in the God of 
        your childhood?

Would exploring your personal beliefs and developing a personal, 
meaningful prayer life interest you?

What about Prayer Partnering?

Prayer partnering explores these questions as well as:
  • Models prayer
  • Supports and guides you as you create your own, personalized prayer practice
  • Provides a safe environment for practicing praying with others
  • Holds sacred space to practice personal, confidential prayer with a prayer partner

All prayer partnering is done on a
love offering basis, no one will be turned away for financial reasons.

Request Prayer Partnering: