Holistic Healing

In our high stress world, 
energy work is a great supplement 
to any self-care practice, 
especially when allowing the body to heal 
or when going through an emotional transition.

Holistic Metaphysical Healing 

This comprehensive approach supports the mind, body, and emotional systems in the de-stressing or healing process. 

It is based in the belief that our thoughts and our energy field affect our emotional and physical conditions and our natural state is wholeness and health. The participant and practitioner work together to decide on a plan that is best suited for the individual. Metaphysical healing does not replace traditional medical treatment, but is meant as a supplement. It may include one or a combination of the following:

Energy balancing or clearing
Essential oils
Reflective listening
Intuitive reading
Behavior modification
Integrative Visualization Technique
Guided meditation
Traditional laying on of hands

Healing Touch

Healing Touch Program Introduction

Healing touch is a heart-centered healing that works with the energy field of the participant.  The healing touch practitioner holds compassion for participants who seek to realize wholeness in their lives. Healing touch can help to relax the participant and balance mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch can help support some of the healing process that naturally occur within us and is not a replacement for traditional treatments of any kind, but a supplement.  It can be done as a part of Holistic Metaphysically Healing sessions or separately.

ThetaHealingTM helps the participant release limiting beliefs and works through the mind-body connection to assist in physical and emotional well-being. ThetaHealingTM is not a replacement for traditional treatments, but rather a supplement. ThetaHealingTM sessions can be done as a complement to Holistic Metaphysical Healing sessions.