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What is Counseling Vs. Coaching?

is best suited for people looking to change emotions and behaviors caused by thought patterns. Counseling deals largely with thinking and can be a slower process than coaching.  For example, if you are experiencing stress and anxiety due to negative thought patterns, counseling might be a better fit for you.

Coaching deals with measurable goals for behavior change or progress towards a clear outcome.  If you feel stuck and want to move forward with confidence, learning skills along the way, then coaching might be a better fit for you.

In a counseling setting, you may explore sensitive issues from your past that may be contributing to your current thoughts and emotions, so your counselor will want to meet with you face to face. Strategies for dealing with negative emotions are usually part of your sessions. 

Coaching focuses much less on what is causing issues, but seeks to move you from where you are now. It facilitates you to set and follow through with a series of goals.  Depending on the coaching model, your relationship with a coach may be much more personal than the with a counselor.  Most counselors will want to be a springboard for all of your work, while a coach will often share their own personal experience with you. Coaching sometimes happens via phone or Skype and sometimes in person. Many coaching situations will include a mixture of both of these meeting styles.